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  • There is an additional charge of $ 30 for residential or remote areas
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Providing consumers with a complete day Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") to bring their product warranty services. Detailed warranty terms and related matters, please read the following terms, in order to obtain the most complete protection and service.

Paul Day Technology Terms of use

  • Product warranty period commencing from the date of purchase. Present a valid purchase invoice and warranty label and store it in the requirements for service.
  • If you have purchased this product in the company's proxy within the warranty period, under normal environment due to improper workmanship or materials resulting from failure, the company will repair or replace it with a comparable product liability.
  • The Acting Company's products are accompanied RAMBoxs (Japanese Technology) The warranty label, please be sure to purchase the dealer whether attached.
  • If the product affixed RAMBoxs security stickers, do not tear up, otherwise the warranty will be invalidated.
  • The company does not provide on-site installation, maintenance and delivery service.
  • The Company's warranty service is only available in the Region.
  • When you purchase the product beyond the warranty period, the Company will not be entitled to impose product testing or maintenance costs, parts and materials fee is negotiable according to individual companies, the fees, please contact us for details
  • When you purchase the company's product or service, that is, acceptance of the Company's warranty terms.

Above warranty terms and conditions to the conditions and limitations set forth.

  • Customer fails to present a valid warranty labels and invoices;
  • The company warranty identification tag torn, unrecognizable, altered or incomplete;
  • Does not match the serial number listed in the warranty and product serial number label
  • Any part of the products are broken, rust, water stains, corrosion, cracking, burning, uneven, damaged, melting, incomplete parts and other surface damage;
  • Improper use of the product, such as vandalism impact, scratches and extrusion trauma, accidental human negligence, improper input voltage, improper installation or testing, the damage caused by power problems;
  • Due to natural disasters result in product damage, including fire, flood, earthquake or war;
  • Disassemble products, faults and any change or damage to the specifications of the original parts of the company caused it;
  • When you purchase the company's product or service, that is, acceptance of the Company's warranty terms.

Limitation of Liability

  • Please customers often use your information, data or photo backup. Such as digital memory card (Flash Memory Card), hard disk (Hard Disk Drive) and other storage devices due to damage resulting from any information within the product, or photo data loss, the company takes no responsibility on.
  • Hard body for any information, the company is only responsible for maintenance and testing, without providing information services and rescue and backup of responsibility, and the repair process for any of the factors causing the loss of data, is not responsible.
  • This product must be used with other devices in line with industry standards. The Company for damages resulting from other manufacturers of equipment caused by the irresponsible use of the security. For any damage incidental loss of profits, business investments, goodwill, damage or loss of data caused by the, as well as with other damage or malfunction of the product of company equipment, consequential, indirect obligation The Company also pays Compensation . Be bound by the relevant laws, this restriction shall not apply to the case of illegal or unenforceable.
  • Other inevitable, indirect, incidental loss of the Company for the purchase of goods or other third parties due to product defects arising, for example, loss of revenue, loss of business investment, loss of goodwill or business relationship and other obstacles, there are no the duty to compensate.
  • The Company does not lead to compensation burden because of their own goods and obligations of other equipment damage or malfunction.
  • The Acting Company's products are only for the general consumer goods, not for and sustain life and other relevant instruments or tools.
  • If the customer by mail or courier service product, the Company assumes the responsibility of handling errors or lost in the mail during transportation.
  • To protect its customer data storage device, the internal staff guidelines and codes of the company's maintenance department to ensure that all employees are prohibited from any customer data within the storage device leaked or disclosed to third parties, in order to protect customer data security and storage devices within your personal interests.
  • The company in the repair program for the product to a third party (such as manufacturers) of the process leading to any compromise or loss, the company takes no responsibility on.
  • The company strongly recommends that customers apply the product to the pre-test, remove all / sensitive data stored within the device in order to protect individual rights.

Repair Return the steps

  • Such as the purchase of goods on the date of any human damage within 7 days, the customers can use their valid purchase invoice or other evidence of shipper store and retain the complete product package, to be replaced under the terms of the store;
  • Such as the purchase of goods in 7 days after the date of any human damage, the company still returned for consumer products are the obligation of maintenance.Customers with valid warranty label and store of purchase invoice to the Company's customer service center for repair or replacement of the product. Product warranty period repair, consumers do not have any burden of maintenance labor costs and the cost of replacement parts. Only when the product is discontinued, customers may be permitted to market products to pay back the date of the difference to upgrade the product.

customer service center

  • Address: Unit 5 / F, Posco Bldg , 165 Un Chau Street , Sham Shui Po , Kowloon , Hong Kong
  • 地址 : 九 龍 深 水 埗 元 洲 街 165 號 步 陞 大 廈 5 樓
  • Phone: 2386-0928
  • Email:

Ensure that all products with the year are described in the product information site

The provisions of the above case of any dispute, the Company reserves the right to modify the final decision and warranty terms, without notice.

Never before has such clear acoustics and powrful ,well-balanced stereo come from a set of 2.1 speaker system.With teh S350DB,we've achieved the impossible by taking an impressive tri-amplified 3-driver system and building it with top materials.The unbeatable S350DB easily outperforms speakers of its class.

  • Bluetooth V4.0 avec technologie aptX.
  • Digital Optical (toshlink) & Coaxial input, PC / AUX dual analog inputs. 
  • Titanium dome tweeters, aluminium diaphragm mids & 8" Subwoofer.
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Dynamic Range Control (DRC).
  • 150W RMS total Power.
  • Full function IR remote control
  • 100~240V Power supply.

Power output:
RMS :15W x 2 + 25W x 2 + 70W
Noise level:
Frequency response range:
R/L:160Hz-20KHZ | SW:40Hz-160Hz
Audio input:
PC , AUX , OPTICAL , COAXIAL , Bluetooth
Volume, bass and treble adjustment, remote control
Dimension: Subwoofer : 312mm x 265mm x 289mm (WxHxD) | Satellites: 156mm x 127mm x 217mm (WxHxD) 
Weight: 17.4Kg / 20Kg
Warranty: 1 Year

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