///COSMOS Series
  • COSMOS C700M

    • Highly Versatile Layout
    • Graphics Card Mounting with Riser Cable
    • ARGB Lighting
    • Extensive Cable Cover System
    • Versatile Liquid Cooling Support
    • Aluminum Panels & Handles
    • Curved Tempered Glass Side Panel
    • Rich Connectivity
  • Curved Tempered Glass


    Ever since the launch of the original Cosmos II, fans have been asking, or making by themselves, for a windowed side panel. Cooler Master has accepted the challenge and to celebrate the 25th anniversary we have released this special edition.For this special edition we even take it a step further: Both sides come with beautifully crafted curved tempered side panels that blend seamlessly with the sophisticated contours of the case.
  • COSMOS C700P

    Specifications Product Name COSMOS C700P Model Number MCC-C700P-MG5N-S00 Available Color Gun Metal / Black Materials Outlook Aluminum, Steel, Plastic Body Steel Side Panel Tempered Glass, Steel