//Power Supply
    • Full Modular Flat Cables
    • 80 PLUS Gold Certified
    • Durable and silent LDB Bearing
    • Proven Thermal Resistance
    • High Efficiency and Stable Output
    • (550W) MPY-5501-AFAAG-UK
    • (650W) MPY-6501-AFAAG-UK
    • (750W) MPY-7501-AFAAG-UK
    • 80 PLUS Gold Certified
    • Silent and Durable LDB Fan Bearing
    • Proven Thermal Resistance
    • Flat & Flexible Cables
    • High Efficiency and Stable Output
    • (550W) MPY-5501-ACAAG-UK
    • (650W) MPY-6501-ACAAG-UK
    • (750W) MPY-7501-ACAAG-UK
  • MWE 80Plus 白牌

    MWE 80 PLUS白牌 認證 450W (MPW-4502-ACABW-UK) 500W (MPW-5002-ACABW-UK) 550W (MPW-5502-ACABW-UK)
    • 80 Plus效率,轉化效率達到85%以上
    • 符合ErP 2013 Lot 6,待機功耗小於0.5W(5Vsb),環保節能設計
    • 採用120mm HDB靜音液壓軸承風扇,兼顧靜音與長使用壽命
    • 耐高壓電阻,可適應電壓不穩區域
    • 適合背部走線,24PIN與8PIN長達550mm
    • 採用主動式PFC與雙管正激設計
  • MWE Bronze 銅牌


    MWE Bronze - 80 PLUS 銅牌認證 Power Supply

    500W | 550W | 650W
    Cooler Master's family of power supplies feature a line of stable, quality, 80 Plus Bronze power supplies. The MWE Bronze series is compact and available in outputs suitable for most systems. On top of safety regulations, the MWE Bronze includes Cooler Master's 3 year warranty. Inside, the Silencio fan blades run with less turbulence while sealed LDB bearings are used for longer service life. High quality components keep up with daily power demands, while delivering rated output even at 40°C temperatures cool and quietly.
  • MasterWatt (Modular)

    The MasterWatt is an 80 Plus Bronze power supply with an innovative semi-fanless mode. Under 15% load,the MasterWatt fan remains idle,offering zero dBA. When demand for power increases,a gradual fan curve provides measured cooling with little to no noise at any output level. Dual forward / DC-to-DC topology is employed to keep the voltage stable in all conditions. For increased performance,MasterWatt is equipped with 16 AWG power cables,which reduces resistance,thereby increasing efficiency.
    • Fully modular cable design for easy installation and cable management
    • 100% high quality Japanese electrolytic & solid capacitors ensure performance and reliability
    • 135mm FDB silent fan default as hybrid mode, equipped with hybrid fan controller, easily switch mode (auto / hybrid) by the controller
    • Zero dBA fanless mode silent operation
    • 80 PLUS Platinum certified: up to 93% efficiency @ 50% load
    • Powerful single +12V rail, capable of delivering up to 100A
    • Excellent output voltage stability ensures total voltage regulation under 1% (even better than DSP)
    • Twelve PCI-E 6+2pin connectors for 4 way SLI & high end solution builds
    • 7-year extended warranty
  • MasterWatt Lite


    MasterWatt Lite

    ERP2013 230V (80Plus White)

    Green power supply with ErP 2013 certified Power on. We want the MasterWatt Lite Series to be that simple. In the box are all the essentials of a reliable engine so you don't have to think about it. We added higher-end perks like Active PFC and PWM technology for more stability, and made sure we met ErP 2013 and CE ratings for safety and low energy impact. It's the survival kit for reliable, affordable power.
  • GM Series

    GM Series The GM Series is semi-modular to reduce the number of unnecessary cables for better cable management. The single +12V rail on all GM Series power supplies allows for superior load balancing and GPU compatibility.  
  • MasterWatt Maker 1200W Cooler Master 鈦金認證 (MPZ-C001-AFBAT-UK) 4719512049556 CoolerMaster第一款鈦金認證的電源供應器,有著高達94%的電源轉換率,混合式供電設計,搭配獨家的監控軟體,提供卓越不凡的性能表現。
    • 1200 W 80 Plus 鈦金認證, 94%的轉換率
    • 精湛的鋁合金外觀設計
    • 透過獨家的軟體和App即時監控
    • 可切換 +12V 電壓軌, 多軌或單軌模式
    • 低波動和噪音
    • 完全模組化,扁平,高流量的線材
    • 靜音無風扇模式適合中等負載(高達480W)
    • Silencio 135mm PWM靜音風扇
  • MasterWatt Maker 1500 1500 Watts MPZ-F001-AFBAT Cooler Master 鈦金認證 4719512049563 CoolerMaster 鈦金認證的電源供應器,有著高達94%的電源轉換率,混合式供電設計,搭配獨家的監控軟體,提供卓越不凡的性能表現。
  • MASTERWATT 65/90

  • GX Series(V2)


    New GX Series (CM Storm Edition)

    The refreshing new design of the GX Series is an outstanding choice for basic system builds, offering gamers and mainstream users high-end features without hitting your wallet. 80 PLUS Bronze certified and a custom DC-DC module design that has higher efficiency and voltage stability from its predecessor, the GX Series is the best choice to bring your game to the next level.
  • V Series Gold 金牌


    V Series 金牌 80 Plus

    The V series of 80 Plus Platinum power supplies is built using the highest-grade components available, including 100% high quality Japanese capacitors, to ensure excellent efficiency, hold up times, voltage stability, and ripple suppression. The V series uses a fully modular cable system with extra slim flat-ribbon cables to improve cable management and allow for clean and elegant looking builds.