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Bookshelf Speakers

2.2.0 channel speaker with its balanced sound performance, loved by the majority of music lovers.And 20 years ago since the Edifier launched the first pair 2. 0 speaker, has been leading this category.

Bluetooth Wirelesss

Connect freely and conveniently with a variety of digital devices such as your phone, iPad, laptop, game console, whether listening to music, watching movies or playing games, so you can easily enjoy better off-the-board sound.

2.1 Speaker Systems

2.1With its excellent low frequency performance and excellent sound, the 2.1-channel speaker is loved by computer gamers all over the world. And the Edifier always rides the dust, in the domestic possession of the category more than 60% of the share.

5.1 Surround Sound Systems

The 5.1-channel speaker creates an immersive sound field due to its unique spatial surround sound and surging low frequency, creating a computer-based personal cinema and a TV based home theater.

Portable Speakers

Whether outdoors or indoors, you can combine a variety of sound sources to enjoy music anytime, anywhere.


Edifier headphones, to the quality, to pure sound, ubiquitous design, meticulous detail care, walkers to create, only to share the fun of music with you. From now on, enjoy listening and enjoying the Edifier.

Bluetooth Earphones

Edifier Wireless bluetooth headset, sound quality is not it or home appliance brand similar products can match. Professional achievement of sound quality, enjoy wireless listening.

On-Ear Earphones

Earplugs are enduring, except for classics, and wear comfort is better than in-ear style. The Edifier earplugs are far ahead of sales thanks to their ultra-cost performance.

Cooler Master

Cooling Radiator

– CPU Air Cooler
– CPU Liquid Cooler
– Case Fan
– Thermal Grease
– RGB Accessories
– Notebook Cooling

Computer Chassis

–  Full Tower
– Mid Tower
– Mini Tower
– Mini ITX
– Lan Box
– Test Bench
– Accessories

Power Supply

-Masterwatt Series
-Masterwatt Lite Series
-MWE Series
-Elite Series
-V Series

Peripheral devices

– Keyboards
– Mice
– Audio
– Pads
– Accessories
– Others


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