Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier 2.0 speaker collections are popular because of its all-round sound performance.

Edifier leads the 2.0 speaker market since Edifier launched the first bookshelf speaker twenty years ago.

Bluetooth Wirelesss

Edifier Bluetooth speaker can be easily in sync with phones, laptops, game consoles and all types of devices.
You can enjoy a fabulous listening experience no matter what you do – playing music, movies or games.


Edifier headphones are well thought out and made from exquisite materials in order to provide high-quality and pure-sound-quality headphones to customers.

From now on, enjoy listening experience through Edifier.

Portable Speakers

Whether it is outdoor or indoor, you can combine various audio sources freely to enjoy the music anytime, anywhere.

2.1 Speaker Systems

The 2.1-channel speaker is popular with computer game fans all over the world for its outstanding low frequency performance and excellent sound effects. The Edifier has always been a ride away, in the possession of more than 60% share of the category.

5.1 Surround Sound Systems

The 5.1-channel speaker creates an immersive sound field due to its unique spatial surround sound and low-frequency sound. It can set up a personal computer-based cinema, or build a home theater based on TV.


The reason why earbud headphones lasted, in addition to the classic, wearing comfort is better than in-ear style. Edifier earbud headphones lead the market with superior sales and price ratio.


In-ear headphones are loved by fans because of their good sound insulation and excellent sound quality. Edifier in-ear headphones with a unique appearance, stylish color, excellent sound quality and cost-effective and sought after by users.

Bluetooth Earphones

Edifier Wireless Bluetooth headsets, sound quality is by no means comparable to similar products of the IT or home appliance brands. Professional sound quality, enjoy wireless listening.

Edifier S880DB

Wooden panel, Pure sound.

S880DB is enclosed in a wooden structure that resists vibration while producing clear sound.

S880DB uses state-of-the-art CSR8645 chipset for Bluetooth 4.0 connection. With a built-in APTX codec, Bluetooth playback becomes lossless and produces full quality sound.

Edifier W830BT

Bluetooth Over-ear Headphone

The professional Bluetooth headphone provides a seamless and cordless listening experience.
Convenience is what the W830BT seeks to provide with the lay-flat and fold-up design.
Enjoy the flexibility, switch between wired and wireless easily.

Experienced and Professional Agent

As an experienced agent, we have deep knowledge of products and development trend. We also continuously expand our product lines and brands so as to match the market trend and satisfy customer needs.From computer components and peripheral products to audio and video products are all available.

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