Payment method

The following 4 payment methods are accepted on this website
  • Bank transfer / ATM

  • Octopus「O! ePay 好易畀」P2P畀錢

  • Payment via PayPal using any credit card or PayPal account

  • Paypal.Me Payment

  • Bank Transfer

When the customer is on the list, please select “Bank transfer/atm” in the payment Information Bar, after confirming the order,Please transfer the money to the following company’s bank account within two days, if payment cannot be completed within two days, orders are automatically canceled:


Standard Chartered Bank :959-2-067775-5

Please send in several paper emails to『』,or after writing the order number on the Count paper, Whatsapp to 54980284
*This payment method is only applicable to transfers from Hong Kong banks to our accounts,If a transfer is made outside Hong Kong, a handling fee will be incurred and must be paid by the customer
  • Octopus「O! ePay 好易畀」P2P付款

After the customer completes the order, they can pay us in two P2P methods

  • The first use of  P2P畀錢 Function Put the money in our phone number 54980284 O!ePay Account .The first payment needs to be added as a friend before payment can be made to us, please enter the order number into the subject bar at the time of payment, which will speed up our response to confirm the collection time.
  • The second method is that after the customer completes the order, the Octopus payment work can be made directly from the mobile phone apps, scan our octopus payment QR code below, enter the amount and enter the order number within the notes.

  • Use any credit card or PayPal account via PayPal Payment

    When the customer is on the list, please select “Pay by PayPal using any credit card or PayPal account” in the payment Information Bar.When the order is confirmed, it will automatically go to the PayPal company’s own managed Web page for payment, if you want to pay with PayPal, you can log into the PayPal account.
    To pay by credit card, you can press the “Use debit or credit card payment” button below, and then follow the instructions to enter the required credit card data, all programs are independently managed by PayPal, and safe and convenient.

  • Paypal.Me Payment

        Customers choose Payment, after the completion of the order, you can pass the Payment, the Paypal.Me payment message Whatsapp to 54980284, after the completion of the collection, we will issue a “paid” email to the customer to confirm the receipt of the payment,
    If payment has not been completed within two days of falling, the order will be automatically cancelled. You can find out more about PayMe payment on the following Web page
Due to the establishment of the order, the payment method can not be changed, such as the wrong payment method, please inform us to cancel the order, after the order is cancelled, the customer can be left alone again.
If you have any questions about the payment method, you can use the information service of this site or email to our company, we will answer as soon as possible.
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