MasterAccessory VGA Holder


MasterAccessory VGA Holder


MasterCase Graphics Card Holder

VGA Card Holder For “MasterCase”

( MCA-0005-KVH00 )

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MasterCase Graphics Card Holder


Got a nice looking system, but can’t help it notice that your graphics card(s) are sagging more than you’d like?
Look no further! The MasterCase Graphics Card Holder will make your system look better than before. Sagging cards will be a thing of the past!


Product Name MasterCase Graphics Card Holder
Model number MCA-0005-KVH00
Available Color Black
Materials Steel, ABS, Rubber
Dimensions (LxWxH) 229 x 119 x 83mm
Support bracket 2 pcs
Compatible with MasterCase series chassis
Warranty 1 Year
EAN Code 4719512051764
UPC Code 884102028298

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Weight 1 kg
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