• MH750

    • Groundbreaking audio experience
    • Patented Bass FX technology
    • Sound card with in-line remote control box
    • Colorful mood
    • Extreme comfort
    • Hidden Mic
  • MH752

    • Superior Comfort
    • Multi-platform Compatibility
    • Virtual Surround Sound
    • Hi-fi Sound
    • Crystal-clear Communication
    • Portable Form Factor
    • Sleek Styling
  • Voice Chat with Crystal Clarity
    Make your voice heard on the battlefield with the MH320 Gaming Headset. With a steel frame construction, this headset is built to last. The addition of a self-adjusting headband and ultra-soft leather earcups allows for premium comfort no matter your head size. And a bi-directional boom microphone gives you crystal clear audio with none of the background noise, so your entire squad can hear your passionate battlecry as you take the last control point or bombsite. The MH320 Gaming Headset is the definition of quality gear.
    The MasterPulse Over-ear headset conveniently delivers high-quality sound in two distinct modes. It’s a headset that allows you to tailor your own listening experience. Whether you’re gaming, traveling, or gaming while traveling, this is the headset for you.
  • MasterPulse In-ear  ( SGH-2091-KKTI1 ) Headset with Bass FX

    MasterPulse is a premium in- ear headset featuring Cooler Master exclusively patented technology “Bass FX”, paired with high-grade aluminum housing, which produces crystal clear sound and powerful bass for you to switch between. The in-line microphone with precise sensor avoids background noise from being picked up, and the included remote lets you quickly switch from the in-game battlefield to a phone call from a friend. To dominate the gaming world and enjoy the best audio experience, MasterPulse is the only choice.