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MasterCase MC600P




  • FreeForm™ Modular System
  • Subtle and Sleek
  • Discreet Air Vents
  • Flexible Dual Chamber Design
  • Clear View Inside
  • 360mm liquid cooling support
  • RGB Front floor lamp
  • Flush I/O
  • Drop-proof Side Panels
  • Clip-and-click
  • Slip-and-Clip SSDs


貨號: MCM-M600P-KG5N-S00 分類: , ,


Here is the newest members of our MasterCase line: a clean, discreetly designed mid-tower PC case equipped with unique FreeForm™ Modular System technology. As with all MasterCases, the MasterCase MC600 offers unparalleled flexibility to upgrade via changing aesthetics, customizing thermal options, and handcrafting your internal layout.

The case’s modular parts include top and front panels that can pop open for more airflow, or easily removed for quick access to your components. Utilize FreeForm™ to its full potential with the adjustable M.port and removable partition plate to accommodate large, high-end components, several fans and DIY liquid cooling.


重量 15.7 kg
尺寸 650 × 660 × 320 mm
計算運費 :

順豐(包裹) 工商 地區 材積重量 22.9kg 港幣142