MasterKeys Pro L Crystal


MasterKeys Pro L Crystal


MasterKeys Pro L Crystal Edition (RGB)

Masterkeys Pro L 紅軸/RGB /水晶版

Masterkeys Pro L 青軸/RGB /水晶版




使用MasterKeys Pro L獲得最好的兩個世界。最亮的LED和玩家喜愛的最佳反應感。我們完全重新設計了內部,以適應CHERRY MX開關和輻射1670萬種顏色的最大的LED。您還可以獲得即時宏,配置文件支持和易於使用的軟件 - 所有這些都是一個時尚,簡約的設計。


The MasterKeys Pro L radiates any color you want, and with the Crystal edition it now shines brighter than ever. Change and customize the color with or without software. LEDs include multiple modes of operation, including Color Wave, Breathing, and unique responsive effects.

Clearly Unique

The MasterKeys Pro L Crystal Edition lets you stand apart from the rest. Transparent keys and casing let your custom illuminations radiate brighter than ever before, while the frosted coating protects from glare.

The Best of Both Worlds

Cooler Master engineers went to work on how to effectively design a keyboard with superior switches and the brightest LED backlighting. We gutted the interior and redefined RGB backlighting by modifying the printed circuit board (PCB) with small cutouts to let the LEDs sit snugly against the switches. That means we’re still able to use genuine Cherry MX switches with their RGB housing AND larger, brighter LEDs.

Processing Power Unleashed


MasterKeys Pro配備了現在市場上鍵盤最強大的ARM Cortex M3處理器。在令人印象深刻的72 MHz下,處理器的速度比使用Cortex M0處理器的鍵盤快了25%,這大大的解決了MasterKeys Pro動態系統的潛力。立即保存並執行命令和宏。沒有加載。沒有等待 你每次都會打敗你的對手。


重量 5 kg
Model :

Masterkeys Pro L 紅軸/RGB /水晶版 (SGK-6020-TPCR1-US), Masterkeys Pro L 青軸/RGB /水晶版 (SGK-6020-TPCL1-US)

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