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Laptop Power.
Anytime. Anywhere.
MasterWatt 65/90
The next generation of Cooler Master laptop power employs the same level of expertise we use to deliver our top of the line power supply units. The MasterWatt 65/90 keeps what works and makes it better with new innovations. Use this universal adaptor across multiple laptop models and brands. It may be the last adaptor you'll ever need to buy.
A Family of Laptops, Two Universal Adapters
No matter what laptop you use, the MasterWatt 65/90 will be there to back you up, providing a reliable power source for the whole family or your business partners across an array of laptop brands.
Up to 90% efficiency
Nine different tips, including square Lenovo tip
100,000 hour life expectancy
Complies with the latest DOE Level VI standard
Raising the Efficiency Bar
Both models meet the raised efficiency standard set by the US California Energy Commission (CEC), effective Feb. 2016. These standards bring the amount of energy consumed by adapters to a new low.
Light on the Mind, Light on the Wallet
Ever touch an adapter when it's plugged in and wonder how it doesn't burn a hole in your floor? It’s the efficiency level. Higher efficiency keeps your unit cool, and lowers your bill.
Switch the Tip
Nine different adapter tips support most laptops brands, including Lenovo's square design. You won't have to buy another adapter even if you own multiple laptops or move between work and home stations.
Lenovo square tip
Laptop Compatibility Chart
*Some notebooks come with proprietary designs. (i.e. Dell notebooks are compatible with this power adapter for power on, but may not be able to charge.)
Would You Rather
Buy an expensive replacement that only works for one laptop when you can use one for all? Eliminate the mess of cables with one solution. Use it at work, at home, or on the go knowing you have all your bases covered with one simple, reliable solution.


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